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A good developer knows multiple programming languages, a great developer keeps learning new languages in order to become a master of his or her craft. Software framework continues to evolve in order for us to be able to create superior, and more versatile apps. Additionally, more user-friendly languages are created constantly so that more people can get into coding. We live in a world where everyone focuses on efficiency, so having apps or sites that load faster and perform better will sometimes require different frameworks. So, let’s see what are some of the new programming languages you should learn.


Go is developed by leading engineers from Google. It is a C-style core language, that is a good fit for anyone who is a novice in the world of coding and wants to do systems programming. If you are experienced in C and C++ then Go will definitely look familiar as it shares a lot of features with these two. The difference is that Go does not have complicated syntax and the learning curve is not as complex. You can use it for creating web services, machine learning apps, and data pipelines, so if you are an aspiring DevOps then definitely check out Go.  


If you plan to be an app developer then Kotlin is a great option. It is used for developing Android apps, desktop apps, and web-based applications, as well as server-side app creation. The idea behind this language is to become new and improved Java, and there is a consensus among the users that it actually managed to achieve this goal. Google applications like Pinterest, Coursera, and PostMates are all developed using Kotlin, which just shows how reliable and versatile a tool it can be.  


Data processing can be incredibly complex, and Julia aims to help you with developing software for data processing.

As a result, it is a high-level language aimed at those who specialize in numerical analysis, and computational science. In other words, you might need extensive coding and mathematics knowledge to successfully use Julia. It has a big library filled with mathematical features, and a top-tier compiler, along with parallel and distributed programs for execution. 


Lots of front-end developers regard Elm as their best friend, as it allows them to create smooth UIs that load quickly, without any need to deal with HTML and CSS. This is incredibly convenient for web development. 

Python 3

Python 3 seems to be quite a challenge even for those who are well-versed in Python 2. It’s not exactly like the previous versions but it allows developers to create more intuitive code with better safety measures, and it also comes with some new features that are pretty useful. So, there are more than a few reasons for Python developers to embrace this new version. 

These were some of the most recent languages that are becoming increasingly more common in 2021. There is a demand for staff who can work within these frameworks, so you should start working on your portfolio upgrades ASAP.