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Modern solutions for modern problems and needs are required. Today, we have lots of modern problems which for most of the time include what to watch and where to watch it. People love content and they turn to the internet to obtain it. 

The internet is the easiest place to find content and to advertise it. From businesses like casinos that advertise through promo codes, like this PokerStars Bonus de bun venit promo code, to individuals who post their blogs, the internet has an answer for us.

WordPress is one of those tools which allows users to post their content online with little to no hassle, depending on the quality and implementation of the theme. However, WordPress programming can be challenging. Here is everything you need to know to be a successful WordPress programmer.

HTML – The Basics of Web

Things are very simple when it comes to the web, at least on the surface level.

HTML is what most people learn when they start coding for the web. HTML is responsible for what you see on the internet, the pages. You assign tags to certain objects and you define where they will be placed on the pages.

HTML is a markup language, rather than a programming language, but still, for WordPress, it is a necessary one.

CSS – The Basics of Web Made Prettier

CSS is different from HTML. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used for styleyzing pages, by defining which elements go where. HTML elements are also moved and placed using CSS.
The advanced part of CSS includes knowing where to move what part and where not to. Most of the time, when things are wonky on a page, it is due to a CSS error. Knowing to spot the error requires a bit of knowledge, but HTML and CSS are considered easy compared to what comes next.

PHP – The Heart of WordPress

This is where the “real” coding starts. PHP is basically the logic, the core of WordPress. PHP is used to run WordPress, to generate pages, everything from the administrator’s pages, to the actual pages that the visitors see. PHP was created with the idea of generating HTML pages to make web pages easier to make.

The two already mentioned languages are important if you want to do the visual part of WordPress, but in order to truly understand it, to build themes, one must turn to PHP. 

Javascript – Another Web Language

Javascript is used to make interesting objects on web pages. While a page will have HTML elements present, like images. If you click on an image and it changes color, shape, size or does anything interesting at all, Javascript is responsible for it. Javascript is tightly woven with HTML and CSS to make web pages more interactive and interesting for users. 

Javascript is great if one wants to strictly make web pages and to make them interesting, but knowing Javascript will not grant you the knowledge of how to manipulate the core of WordPress.

At the core of WordPress is PHP, a powerful language which makes building web pages easier. Understanding PHP will give you an understanding of WordPress. 

To further your skills in WordPress, especially if you plan on working the visual part of the pages, HTML and CSS are essentials, as well as Javascript.