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Technology helps us do everyday tasks like entertain ourselves in the most interesting ways. Some people choose to watch TV shows or movies online, while others are more about engaging themselves in activities such as video games. Some people like to gamble online, making use of online casinos and sites such as Given our fondness for technology, it comes as no surprise that everyone has a favorite browser. From Chrome to Firefox and the occasional Safari and Edge user, everyone loves a browser for this or that reason. What about something made for gamers specifically, like Opera GX? Here is everything you should know about it.

The Design – Hit or Miss

This is one of the major problems that people have with the browser. It tries too hard to look like a gaming browser made for teenagers. It has plenty of sharp corners and saturated colors, crowding the interface for no reason other than to scream “gamer”.

However, not all gamers are gamers in this sense of the word and like something a bit subtler. In this sense, if you can get over the design, or if you enjoy it, then you can move on to the actual features.

Discord/Twitch/Social Media Integration

In this case, Opera GX is one of the best browsers that helps you integrate all your messaging services into a single browser. Located in a menu on your left, you have everything from Twitch to Discord and all your messaging apps are there if you want to use them. You can interact with them directly while having the browser open, which makes browsing easier if you use more than a single messaging service (and most people do). This is one of the major reasons why many gamers use the browser.

Speedy Browsing

Everyone likes a fast browser that doesn’t get in the way. This makes things a lot easier. What also makes them easier is when the browser is not using all your resources while working in the background, thus making your gaming smoother.

Leave the browser open on a second monitor and everything will be fine. You can watch streams, clips or simply have something running as you are gaming, if you want to take a break from your game but can’t be bothered with all the loading screens.

Built-in VPN and Gaming Features

Like the regular Opera, the GX version has its own VPN and is able to block ads on its own. You can also install extensions which makes the browser a lot more usable, given that you can use almost anything from the Chrome store, as well. 

Among the many features, the GX corner is a great place if you want live updates about game discounts on stores like the PS store, Xbox, Steam, GOG, Epic and Humble Bundle. You don’t have to wait for a game when you can get it at a discount. 

Opera GX is a solid browser overall, and a great browser for gamers. The only problem people might have with it is the design, though that might be tweaked to one’s liking, with a couple of clicks here and there.