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As far as careers are concerned, there are plenty to be had nowadays, with the internet being an option for finding employment. Remote work also helps, making everyone’s office hours easier, as no commuting is necessary.

Of the many jobs that people choose to do from the comfort of their homes, one that comes to mind is programming. This has been the go-to career choice for a lot of people ever since the 90s and especially 2000s, when programming became available to everyone through the internet. Today, programming is still a popular career choice for a lot of people. But, is it a good choice in 2022? Let us take a closer look.

Programming – As Good As Always

Programming is still great, because there are so many things that need work. 

From very popular games that cannot be fixed, despite the many fans submitting bugs every single day, to systems on phones and other devices which have problems and have had for months, programming is tough and requires lots of people doing good work if something is to work out of the box, let alone after a while.

Programming will always need good people to do the work, and there can’t be enough of them. Some menial tasks might become automatized through AI use and libraries, but things will still break with updates and manual intervention will be necessary. Just look at WordPress sites which get ruined after a single update, or a single update of a plugin.

Demand and Competition

Even though there is a lot of demand on the market, there is also a lot of competition. The job is not easy but what makes it good is that you can easily change companies if you are willing to put in the work and learn more. The more you learn, the better the salary you can have. Programmers are known for doubling their salary after moving companies and if they have enough knowledge, that can happen a couple of times, until they reach a number with which they can be really comfortable. 

While it is a competitive market, it is also one that is almost always in demand. Everyone is working on something, a product, verification of a product, services, parts of a service. Programming is complex and there will always be a need for new programmers.

It Pays Great

Compared to other jobs, programming pays great. You get paid to sit in a chair and solve problems, which while being a simplification, is an overall accurate description of the job. Sometimes, you have to crunches and sprints, but these types of things happen at every workplace, meaning that you would not be safe from them no matter the job.

Even so, the salary a typical programmer has will be more than enough to live a relatively financially secure life.

Programming is still a great career choice, even in 2022, and will likely be one in the many years to come.