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Getting with the times is difficult for some people. There is a learning curve to anything, but it is harder if you have not had contact with this foreign world. Technology allows us to learn and adapt, but even using technology is a challenge for some. Social media is an example of that, it is very foreign to the older generations, while the younger spend most of their time on social media. It is similar with traditional and online sports betting – while people who belong to the older generation don’t really rely on bonus codes such as Marathonbet Offer, the younger generation loves using them in order to have even more fun while watching a game or two. 

Using trends to your advantage is a great way to progress in business and life. TikTok is a relatively novel social media platform that is used mostly by young people. It has its own set of trends, and 2021 has shown us what people prefer, at least on TikTok. 

Here are some of those trends.

Virtual Backdrops, Mostly Windows

When self-isolating, or in a lockdown, people either turn inwards, to books, reading, working out, or outwards, through the internet. Social media is always a good way of reaching out to others and expressing your opinions and feelings. 

TikTokers have started using virtual backdrops to post their videos. The backdrops are often places where they would rather be, like a city at night, with romantic lights, or a window that looks at a mountain, or an ocean, depending on what one prefers. People want to travel and restrictions have made that difficult. 2022 is probably going to be a better travel year.

The Milk Crate Pain

People like seeing other people hurt, for some reason. It is either a cause for laughter or closing one’s eyes, yet they still want more. Out of all things, it became popular that people should attempt to use milk crates to create a very unstable staircase.

Needless to say, almost everybody who tries to climb that staircase ends up falling and hurting themselves. The people really like it, but the upper management of TikTok does not, and understandably so. Such content is nowadays moderated and it is not advisable to try it, even if it were allowed.

The Towel Knot

Having fun with someone else is always better than doing things on your own, if you feel like having company. TikTok is great for making videos with other people. This trend involved using two towels and intertwining them, each person holding on to both ends of their towel.

The goal is to untangle the mess without letting the towel go at any time. This made for some hilarious clips, with lots of moves which you would not expect to see from users holding two towels. 

High School Stealing

This trend involved high schoolers stealing tools from their schools. Anything from brooms to lab equipment was game. It got some students into trouble, obviously. Teachers know where to look, even if they don’t participate.

Trends come and go and 2021 was full of interesting trends. These were some of them. 2022 will have different trends, but to see what they will be, we will have to wait and pay close attention to TikTok.