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If you are a developer chances are you already know about Hackathon or maybe you even considered entering that competition. Just in case you haven’t heard about this, here is a short version. Hackathon is a competition where you and your squad of devs have to work on a problem or develop a code in the shortest possible time frame. 

Basically, teams compete to see who will build the assigned app faster. It can be anything like creating a promo code like the ウィリアムヒル プロモーションコード for online betting, but it’s typically more complex. The teams rarely sleep during the competition in order to finish the assignment in a timely manner.  But let’s get a deeper overview of what Hackathon is, and explain why you should care about it. 

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is an event that is hosted by another company that is usually in the software or hardware industry.

Participants are usually working on a mobile or web-based app. This software is a prototype that is usually used for a new and potentially revolutionizing program that other tech giants might acquire. One such example was the development of a group chat app that was later acquired by Skype and ended up making millions. Of course, those who win or rank at the top get monetary rewards, and most importantly a great deal of recognition. 

Why Do People Compete? 

Apart from a big reward, developers or software designers enter Hackathon in order to test their skills. In order to win you need to be a team player, have great knowledge of coding, and you need to be a creative problem solver. This is really challenging and developers love these sorts of challenges. 

Benefits of Participating

Even if you don’t win there are lots of benefits to this competition. First, you get to meet a lot of exceptional people and also get a good evaluation of where your skills currently stand. You also get to experience what it is like to work under pressure and collaborate on a big tech project. This is what a working environment looks like, in major tech companies, who are trying to create the next best thing. 

Should You Practice? 

Yes, you should, as other participants are taking months to prepare and always look for new and creative ways on how to create new features using different program languages. Our technology is advancing and a simple app can revolutionize how we commute, shop, communicate, play games, or manage money. 
Meaning, there are lots of possible assignments for the hackathon. Right now one of the main concerns is data privacy and encryption, so chances are participants will work on an app that can provide an extra layer of protection or allow users to monitor personal data and how it is used by 3rd parties they entrusted their data to. 

How to Apply

There are lots of Hackathon competitions happening around the world, and as mentioned a private company is typically behind the competition, especially if they are interested in acquiring a prototype for new software. So you can monitor and see if there are any Hackathon events near you by going to one of the following sites:

  • Devpost
  • Major League Hacking
  • Hacker League

Once you find the upcoming event near you, see what are the application requirements and ask your dev friends to join you.