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If you were to ask us what we use our phones for the most, the answer would be watching youtube videos, playing at Moon Bingo, and definitely, browsing different social media apps. As we all know, social media has developed so much and is now an inseparable part of every person’s life. Therefore, it isn’t unusual that many people want to use social media for their businesses. 

So you got to this part – you need to figure out which social media platform is the best one for your business. But having a social media account is also extremely important because it establishes your virtual presence among future customers. And while you think that this is the easiest part, it can be crucial for the future of your business to choose the right social media platform that comes with the target audience that you need. 

So our advice is that you spend some time scouting out different platforms and figuring out which has the best audience for the products or services that you are offering. This will save you a lot of time in the future because you have enough time to get familiar with the social media platform that you’ve picked while your business grows. 

Giving you a heads up

As we already mentioned, finding the best platform for your business is crucial so we decided to give you a heads-up on some of them. Therefore, you can have the basic information on the most important social media platforms and you can have a starting point if nothing else.

Some of the most popular social media platforms that you can look at and see if they meet your needs are:


If you like filming blogs and interesting videos about all sorts of different things you can have a look at YouTube because it has videos on almost everything you can think of.

The only negative part is that it already has a lot of creators and a lot of content available. So you really need to grind your way to the top with content that will put you ahead of the competition in some way.


Tik-Tok could be the most popular and the most trending social media platform at the moment. People around the world are currently making short videos of themselves, and some of them promote their special skills like painting, decorating, and even candle making. So, by creating day-to-day content the creators on Tik-Tok gather followers that can easily become their customers in the future.

This is a social media platform of the new generation, so if your product or service speaks to Gen Z or Millenials, this is the platform to be on. 


One of the most popular social media at the moment is Instagram. It is a mostly photo-based social platform that has 1.386 billion users right now.

So if you really like taking breathtaking photos and or you just like posting interesting photos that you think will have an audience then Instagram is the way to go.

One of the best ways that you can profit from it is by having enough impact and followers. In this way, you can have sponsored posts in which you will review or just share different types of products and services that other users would pay to sponsor.