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There are many gamers out there, but the main distinction between gamers is those who play on PC and those who play on console. At least that’s how it used to be since gamers nowadays pretty much have both PC and even multiple gaming consoles. Still, this does not mean you should buy all of the consoles that are available since one should be enough. The real question should be how you should choose the console to get the most value for your buck.

Here we will examine different pros and cons of the latest consoles that are available on the market. Hopefully, it will help you decide what console to buy and have a great gaming experience. 

Playstation vs Xbox

The current console war is between Playstation and Xbox, however, it seems that this fictional feud has been concluded with the latest release. It’s not that one of the consoles outperforms the other or that one has the infrastructure to support video games that the other one can’t. It’s actually backward compatibility that kind of put an end to the whole race. This means that if you previously owned Xbox One or Playstation 4 all of the games you purchased will be playable on your new console as well. 

This means that it makes no sense to buy a different console as your outdated model is probably on its last legs, and all of the games you already purchased will be wasted. It’s a move that kind of solidifies the customer culture or customer base. However, if you did not own either of these two, then you will have to make a choice.

It is general consensus that Playstation 5 has better exclusives. Games like God of War, Last of Us, and Horizon Zero Dawn, are not available on Xbox. However, Xbox has a better monetization model. Basically, you can have a monthly subscription and have access to a massive game library, much like you have access to movies and TV shows on Netflix. From a new user perspective, this is a better deal. Since you don’t own any games, you will have the ability to play pretty much any popular title via this deal. 

What about Nintendo

Nintendo is another solid choice, as many of the popular games like Witcher and Diablo for example are also available on Nintendo. It’s just that these games are ported for this console years after their release. That being said, there are some exclusive franchises that are only available on Nintendo. These include Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games. So, if you are looking forward to playing some of these titles then definitely go for Nintendo. Another advantage is that this is a portable console, which allows you to play on the go. This is one of the main strengths as you can take it on your vacation and make the whole journey a lot more bearable and entertaining, or take it to school to play during recess.