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The number of social media users keeps growing daily we have all heard of the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok. Although we use these sites almost every day, unlike Resorts Casino, there are many interesting facts that we did not know about them. Take a look at these 6 mind-blowing facts about social media.

1. Brands and customers do not agree 

A lot of brands use social media to get closer to their customers and promote their products or services more easily. Customer service is one of the aspects of online brands that has the potential to work particularly well on social media because clients can easily get in contact with the brand. As much as 80% of brands believe that their social media customer service is working wonderfully. What’s surprising is that only 8% of social media users agree with them. 

2. Young people on Instagram

We know that social media is powered by younger generations – we hear every day how young people cannot spend one day without their phones or without talking to their friends online. This might not be so false after all – 90% of Instagram users are people under the age of 35!

This mind-blowing statistic just proves the fact that young generations love social media, especially Instagram which allows them to constantly stay connected with other people. 

3. Older generations on Facebook

Talking about young people on Instagram, did you know that more than 30% of seniors have a Facebook account? Although we were not aware that the number was so high, this makes perfect sense. Unlike Instagram, which is mostly visual, Facebook is used mostly for communication. Therefore it is a perfect way for all those who want to stay in contact with friends and family who are far away. 

4. Pictures

The year 1800 was a long time ago. Since then have advanced in all fields of life, from health to technology. However, it is still mind-blowing to hear that more photos are taken for social media in less than 5 minutes today than during the entire 1800s. Now you have something to think about every time you see someone’s photo or a selfie on social media. 

5. Shopping 

Nowadays, whenever you want to buy something and you are not sure exactly which brand or which product to pick, you search for help online. What’s unbelievable here is that more than 80% of social media users use social media to help them with deciding on a purchase.

This might be the reason why there are so many successful Instagram influencers who earn a living by promoting products and helping people make their shopping choices. 

6. New accounts

The last fact about social media on this list is possibly the most mind-blowing one. We are all aware that the Internet is becoming more popular and that there are more and more social media accounts every day. However, we are sure you did not know that a new account is being created every 6.4 seconds! Who knows how many new Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin accounts have been created while you were reading this paragraph alone.